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Beal's Farm Charcuterie



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Our newest creation is a very British take on an Italian classic. An incredibly versatile ingredient utilising one of the most sustainable meats available, it's already proving popular with the select few chefs who've shad some.

Rich, lean Eridge Park venison is minced in equal parts with our incredible Mangalitsa back fat. A splash of Pinot Noir from a renowned local wine producer adds further depth. For spice there's heaps of smoked paprika and an authentic fiery finish courtesy of Calabrian peperoncino.

Use for any recipe in place of pork nduja, to stuff venison saddle or enjoy fried and spread directly onto really good sourdough.

Ingredients: venison, pork fat, red wine, garlic, pepper, spices, sugar, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite & culture starter.

 *Wheat, Dairy & Gluten Free.

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