Eridge Park Venison

Nestled within the picturesque Eridge Park estate, our partnership with this historic estate brings an added dimension to our culinary offerings. Eridge Park is a place of natural beauty, where centuries-old woodlands provide an ideal habitat for a thriving population of Fallow and Sika deer.

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Our respectful and sustainable approach to hunting ensures the welfare of these magnificent animals. Under the guidance of skilled hunters, we engage in ethical and responsible harvesting, selecting only those deer that meet our stringent quality criteria. This harmonious relationship with Eridge Park allows us to showcase the unique flavors of wild venison in our charcuterie creations.

From the serene woodlands of Eridge Park to your table, our process for transforming wild venison into exceptional charcuterie is marked by precision and tradition. The venison is expertly butchered and prepared, preserving its natural flavors. Curing and aging, using techniques refined over years of experience, allow us to craft venison products of unparalleled quality.

Our commitment to quality extends through every step of the process, from selecting the finest cuts to carefully monitoring the aging process. This dedication ensures that our wild venison charcuterie maintains its exceptional taste and texture.

At Beal's Farm, we take pride in delivering the final product that showcases the essence of Eridge Park's woodlands. The culmination of our efforts is a range of exquisite venison charcuterie, each piece a testament to the harmony between nature and tradition. From venison salami to air-dried venison, every bite reflects the rich, earthy flavors of the estate's woodlands. Our wild venison products have earned acclaim among chefs and food enthusiasts alike, offering a unique and savory experience that captures the essence of Eridge Park and our dedication to quality and sustainability.