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'The Spaniard' is another in our limited release salami range, one of a tour of Europe paying tribute to the original artisans who are the real masters of charcuterie.

This chorizo style salami features Mangalitsa pork shoulder and jowl minced together, hand mixed with cubes of Mangalitsa belly plus the classic spice flavours you would expect from Spain, all brought together with a generous splash of dry Verdejo white wine from Rueda. Stuffed into an ox bung it is then carefully dried for around three months until ready to be thinly sliced and enjoyed.

INGREDIENTS; PORK, PORK FAT, GARLIC, SPICES, PEPPER, SUGAR, WINE, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite & culture starter.

Pre-sliced 75 grams. 20 day shelf life.