Mangalitsa Pork Chop, Sage, Capers and Brown Butter

2 Mangalitsa pork chops
2 dessert spoon of capers
15-18 sage leaves
160g unsalted butter
1. Score the rind and fat along the edge of the chop.

2.  In a frying pan on a moderately high heat, add some oil and start to fry the pork chop.

3. When the first side has started to colour turn it over and add the butter, this will foam up as it melts. You will need to reduce the temperature a little to keep the chop frying in foaming butter.

4. When the second side is coloured turn over and add the capers and sage leaves.

5. Check the seasoning and serve the chop with the capers, sage and butter garnish.
by Robin Read of