Mangalitsa Pork Fat/ Orkney Scallop / Artichoke


10 x large, hand dived Orkney scallops (shucked and cleaned)
150g jerusalem artichoke purée
100g artichoke cut into small cubes (approx. 8mm)
100g horseradish butter
20g preserved lemon purée
200g brown butter foam
10 x thin slices of Mangalitsa lardo, large enough to cover each scallop (keep in the freezer)
50g sosa pork airbag (granet)
10g scallop roe powder
80g chive oil
100g dashi
Diced trim from the lardo after slicing
Unsalted butter
Vegetable oil
Sea salt
Lemon Juice

(for the preserved lemon purée)
200g preserved lemons
1g xanthan gum

(for the jerusalem artichoke purée)
400g jerusalem artichokes, peeled and chopped
50g brown butter (beurre noisette)
100g double cream

(for the brown butter foam)
100g fish stock
100g mussel stock
75g whipping cream
100g full fat milk
90g brown butter (beurre noisette)
Lemon juice
1. Remove the seeds and stems from the preserved lemons. Roughly chop then tip into a blender with the xanthan gum and blend until smooth. Place the purée in a clean jar and stir gently to remove any air bubbles then top with a thin layer of olive oil and refrigerate until needed.

2. Cover jerusalem artichokes with water and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 10 to 12 minutes until tender then drain. Add cream and brown butter to the artichokes and bring back to a boil. Tip into a blender and and blend to a sooth purée. Keep warm in a saucepan until needed.

3. Mix the fish and mussel stocks together, bring to a boil and reduce by two thirds. Add the cream, milk and brown butter, then heat to just under boiling (around 90 degrees). Season to taste with lemon juice and salt and froth to order with a hand blender when needed. 

4. Deep fat fry the pork air bag at 180 degrees until nicely puffed up but no colour and season with salt.

5. Roast the cubed artichoke in a hot pan with oil until golden, then add a knob of butter, add a splash of dashi to create a glaze and stop the cooking. Season with salt and keep warm.

6. Pan fry the scallops in hot oil with the lardo trim until nicely cooked, season with salt and lemon juice.

7. Spread the scallop with some lemon purée, top with a spoonful of roasted artichoke cubes and lay a frozen slice of Mangalitsa lardo over the top, soften lightly under the grill, top with the puffed pork airbag and dust with the scallop roe powder.

8. Spoon some artichoke purée into the middle of a bowl, spoon some horseradish buttermilk around the purée and chive oil around the buttermilk. Spoon some brown butter foam on top of the buttermilk and chive oil and place the scallop on top of the purée then serve immediately.
by Sean Kelly, Head Chef at Station Road